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“ My passion has always been in the culinary field, but when I got the opportunity to learn how to turn a block of ice into a sculpture, it changed everything! Ice sculptures are such a wonderful way to display a master centerpiece for any type of event you are having.

Ice sculptures are used for weddings, family reunions, social events, proms and dances, college events, wedding receptions and just about anything you can have a group of people for. We customize any block of ice into a sculpture that will dazzle your guest and can be used for a variety of functions besides just looks.

I ask that you look through our Iceogrophygallery and see the work we have created then click on ‘reserve my date’ so we can have you booked for your next event.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to serving your next event.”

Many blessings to you!   Chef Dave Photography of Ice Sculptures by Chef Dave